Replacement Deep Frezee ( Software Pengganti Deep Freeze) FREE

For most of us may be familiar with the program / software for this one, DeepFreeze. Is one which is quite popular software for computer protection from a variety of problems (virus, malware, the installation program errors etc). The technique used is to restore the computer system to a previous state after the restart.

DeepFreeze is a program of paying, if we want to get similar features but with the free program, the following alternative.

Returnil Virtual System (RVS) 2010 Home Free

2010 RVS is a combination of antivirus software, anti-malware and virtualization system that aims to protect computers from various attacks / virus infection and the like. RVS 2010 Home Free grais we can use for personal and non-commercial.

Here are some features RVS 2010 Home Free:

* Virus Guard, which monitors in realtime Antivirus (continuous)
* Safety Deposit System (virtusl system), to return the state of the computer such as sebelunya. As with DeepFreeze.
* Virtual Disk, able to create a virtual disk / partition.
* Access Protection, to keep the computer from the use that is not in the desired
* Message Center, provides various information related to security / virus infection.
* Various other features

One feature that is an alternative DeepFreeze is the ability to restore the system state as before. So when the computer is infected with a virus, then the computer can be restored to its previous state. Data or updates that have been saved will be lost if the recovery, so be sure to first disable RVS in 2010 when doing the updates and other important changes.

More details please see page
Returnil Virtual System 2010 Home Free

Download RVS 2010 Free( 33.1 MB)

Windows SteadyState

As the operating system maker, Microsoft is not giving away the software for protection behind the system that has features like deepfreeze. Although a simple feature that has been integrated (system restore) to provide these features but not rarely even used system restore the virus to multiply.

Windows SteadyState formerly known as the Shared Computer Toolkit, designed with features such as the following:

* Set the computer more easily and securely sharing
* Lock the user interface, so that important location can not be allowed access by certain users.
* Restores the computer to a previous state after the restart.

This last feature is similar to DeepFreeze. When Disk Protection is enabled, will make a kind of cache files and monitor any changes in the operating system or program directories. At intervals ditentuan this cache can be removed and restore the computer state as before. Download this software applicable for users of Windows XP or Vista Original

Download dan Informasi selengkapnya : Windows SteadyState

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