Belajar Buat Private Server Ragnarok Online

Here are my guides for beginner..
Hope you can understand it..

1.You Should download the newest Stable Pack of Ragnarok..
You can download it >> HERE <<
• //login_ip:

remove the // beside the login_ip so it become like this :
login_ip: 6900

• //login_port: 6900
remove the // beside the login_port so it become like this :
login_port: 6900

do the same to char_athena and map_athena
remove the // from line ( login_ip, char_ip, map_ip, login_port )

1.2 Now Edit this few lines in char_athena.conf and map_athena.conf .

char_athena.conf :
Server Communication username and password.
userid: s1
passwd: p1

-Edit userid and passwd to any username and password you can remeber. You will need this later on in your MySql Database.

-Remeber to remove // for login_ip and char_ip and change to your internet(wan) ip. You can choose to use no-ip to replace your wan ip from Link .

-Now you are done with your char_athena. SAVE and exit .
map_athena.conf :
-Edit userid and passwd to the same username and password you used eariler on for your char_athena.

-Remeber to remove // for char_ip and map_ip and change the to the same internet ip you used eariler on in your char_athena.

-Now you are done with your map_athena. SAVE and exit 
Ok then shall we move on ? LOL

First download all of these :
- MYSQL 5.0.45
- MySQL GUI Tools 5.0-r12

2.1 Install
MySQL 5.0.27

-Click Next

-Choose Typical and then click Next.

-Click Install.
-Choose to skip sign up and then click Next.
-When the installation finished, Tick Configure the MySQL Server now and click Finish.
-Now you can choose Detailed Configuration or Standard Configuration. This would be up to you to choose any of it. You can just choose standard configuration and click Next.
-Next, Under Service Name Column, Choose MYSQL5 and then click Next.
-Next, Just enter any password for this root user and click next. Do not change the username as this username and password would be used later as your database login.
-Click Execute and after its done, click Finish. If any errors occurs, uninstall MYSQL5.0.27 and reinstall everything again.
2.2 Install MySQL GUI Tools 5.0-r8

2.3 Open MySql Adminstrator and it will prompt out a window, Type in the Host Name, Username and password as shown below.
Stored Connection: [Just leave this column empty]
Server Host: localhost
Username: root
Password: (enter the password you have created before for the user root)
Port: 3306
-Click Ok and you should now be in MYSQL Adminstrator.
-Go to your left column and look for User Adminstration and click on Add New User.
-Enter this inside the columns:
MySQL User: ragnarok
Password: ragnarok
Confirm Password: ragnarok
Click Apply Changes when you are done.
-When you are done, exit MYSQL Adminstrator.

2.4 Open MYSQL Query Browser from your Desktop or Start Menu.
-If you cant find it in your desktop, try finding it from the following directory C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Tools for 5.0

2.5 After you open MySQL Query Browser, a window should prompt out, type this out in the following blanks:
Stored Connection: [just leave it empty]
Server Host: localhost
Username: root
Password: [enter the password we created before for root]
Default Schema: ragnarok
Port: 3306

Click OK to create a new ragnarok schema.

You should now be inside MySQL Query Browser.

Click once on the Ragnarok Database on your right column and make sure it is bold.

Go to menu, click File, Open Script and search for a folder named sql-files which should be in your eAthena Server Folder.

When you are inside the sql-files folder with your MySQL Query Browser, click on Main.sql and click open.

Once it is done loading, click on the Green Execute Button on your upper right hand corner and it should do some executing. Do the same with Mail.sql and some latest upgrade.sql .
Once you are done, click on the Resultset 1 Tab to go back to the main page. Right click on any database, eg.Ragnarok and choose Create New Schema , type in log and click ok. Once it is done, click once on log database and make sure it is bold, Go to menu, File, Open Script and choose logs.sql and click on the Green Execute Button.

Now, click on the Resultset 1 to go back to the main page. Click once on Ragnarok database, right click on Ragnarok database and click refresh. There should be some database files shown on your right column. Search for a database named login and click Quadruple (4) times on it.

A window should prompt out .To edit the login table, click once on edit on the bottom, look at column 1 and change the username s1 , password p1 to the username and password you used eariler on in your char_athena and map_athena.

To make a GM[Game Master] Account, Right click on any place between the white screen, click create new column. Change the newly created empty column number id to 2000000 and choose a username and password for your GM account. As for the level column , put 99 for adminstrator.

After you have done, click Apply Changes.

You are now done with your MySql Database. EXIT now.  


3.1 [This is for user who is using MySQL 4.1.x and higher]

What DO you [Need] and to Download?
Abyss Web Server

PHP 5.2.5

3.2 Create a new folder and name it PHP in your Local Disk C:\ and extract PHP 5.2.5 into the PHP folder.

-Go to the C:\PHP\ext folder, copy php_mysql.dll and paste in into the PHP main folder C:\PHP

-In PHP main folder, copy php.ini-recommended, rename it to php.ini and paste it into your Windows folder which can be found in your local disk C:\

-When you are done, go into your Windows folder and open the php.ini with notepad or wordpad. Search for ;extension=php_mysql.dll and remove ; to make it look like extension=php_mysql.dll . Save and EXIT.

3.3 Install Abyss Server Consolidation.

-After you have installed the Abyss Server Consolidation, open the Abyss Server Consolidation if it dosen't run. If the server is running, you should see a blue in colour logo in your task bar which is located at your lower right hand corner. Right click on it and click Show Console. Choose your language normally we would choose english. Do so and continue.

-It will then ask you to input Access Credentials [Username and Password] (this is so that you have to login before being able to change anythings) Put whatever credentials you want but please remember them. You will be prompted for them every time you attempt to open the console, after pressing OK for setting your Access Credentials. You can change your Access Credentials at any time at Abyss Web Server Console :: Console Configuration :: Access Credentials .

-After you have logged in to the Abyss Server, Go to Console Configuration and then click on Paramters. Change the port to a port that is not blocked by ur ISP. Click OK twice and Restart.

-Next go back to Console Configuration and click on IP Address Control and change the Order to Deny/Allow if that's not what it's at by default. Press OK twice and Restart.

-Ok , now go back to the main page and click on the Configure button beside the Stop Button. When you are done, click on the Index Files and click Add. Key in index.php and click ok.

- You should now be back to the Configure Page. Now click on IP Address Control and click on Add. For the Virtual Path, key in / . Change the order to Deny/Allow. Press OK twice.

-You should now be back to the Configure Page. Click on the Scripting Parameters . Click Add in Interpreters column and click Browse, go to the directory you extracted your PHP and select php-cgi.exe or just simple type in this C:\PHP\php-cgi.exe . In Type, choose PHP Style.

-Check in Use the associated extensions to automatically update the Script

-In Associated Extensions, click Add and type in php and press OK

-Now just click the OK

-In Custom Environment Variables, click Add and type this in the column shown
Value: 200

-After you are done with Abyss Server and PHP, click Restart.

   Setting up Ragnarok Online Private Server
Control Panel,Cpanel and Zend Optimizier.

What DO you [Need] and to Download?

1) Zend Optimizer 3.3.3

Download link :
Zend Optimizier 3.3.3

Lrlcp (Control Panel, for people to register their account)
4.1 Install Zend Optimizer 3.3.3

-Click Next and accept the license agreement

-Select Other Web Server as you will be using Abyss Web Server

-Click Next

-Click Next

-Browse C:\Program Files\Abyss Web Server\htdocs as your root of web server.
-Install it

4.2 Create a new folder in C:\Program Files\Abyss Web Server\htdocs and name if after your ro, for example TestRo.

-Now, Extract the Lrlcp Control Panel,CPanel into the C:\Program Files\Abyss Web Server\htdocs\TestRo
-Now you are done with your Control Panel,CPanel
4.3 Open your MySql Query Browser and login into it.

-Right click on any database shown at the left column and click Create New Schema and name it after your ro. For example TestRo.
-Click once on TestRo and make sure it is bold.
-Go to menu, File, Open Script and open a file named install in your C:\Program Files\Abyss Web Server\htdocs\TestRo\Install\Install.txt
-Click on the Green Execute button.
-When you are done, close MySql Query Browser.
4.4 Open MySql Adminstrator and login into it.
-Click on User Adminstration and Click New User.
-Enter this into the columns: username: TestRo [Must be same as ur MySql Query Browser database] password: use any password that is easy to remeber.
-Then, click Schema Privileges tab at the top.
-Click once on Ragnarok db and click this button. <<
-Do the same to Log db and TestRo db
-Now you are done with your Ragnarok Online MySql Database and Ragnarok Online Control Panel,Cpanel

Setting up the Ragnarok Client


New Korea Ragnarok Online


GRF Builder

Sclientinfo Creator

First Extract all the KRO to a folder..

Then open the GRF Builder Click the "OPEN" button
Then search the data.grf ( at KRO Folder )

Open it then choose extract all..
Usually it's take about 20 minutes ( due it's a big file )

While waiting for the extraction let's make the sclientinfo.xml

Open Sclientinfo Creator
You can set it yourself don't you ??

If you're not follow this instruction :

1. Click the "Add Server" button

2. Follow this setting

lang-type : Default/Korea

display : None

baloon : None

desc : Just type as you like(it's the desc that usually at the top of Ragnarok Client

address : ( if you haven't host your server yet ) if you have put your ragnarok client

port : 6900 ( default / localhost ) ( if you have host your Ragnarok ask them the port.. )

version : 22 ( newest )

registration web : localhost ( for localhost / if you've host a control panel put the address in )

GM Account : ( See at the database your account id ( e.g : 2000001 )

Then Click Add

Then click create.. recheck it..

if you've done click the add server button..
then save it with name sclientinfo.xml

When the grf has done extracted replace the sclientinfo.xml with the new one you have made.. then open gryff at ( gryff_s\trunk\src\output ) choose the gryff_s that have logo "G"

Click File>Open

choose the folder of the grf that you've extracted then repack it..
after that copy the data.grf that has been repacked to the KRO Folder

edit the DATA.txt at KRO Folder

then type like this :


change the yourowngrf.grf with the name of grf you have repack..

Create Your NPC :
1. Take a NPC's Script at ( You must register first )

2. Go to Scripting section > NPC Script

3. Take one NPC Script and save it to folder at the stable pack

( C:/stable pack/npc/other )

then login to your private server and decide where to put the NPC by using /where ( ex : prontera x y )

then edit the script place and coordinates save as test.txt

4. open athena_npc ( npc folder )

add line

npc : npc/other/test.txt

restart your server and the NPC should be added by now..

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