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Download : Game Maker 8

Game Maker is one of the easiest programs to make your own games or even programs allows you to make exciting computer games without the need to write a single line of code. A very quick and easy way to design your dreams!

Making games with Game Maker is great fun. Using easy to learn drag-and-drop actions you can create professional looking games in little time. You can make games with backgrounds, animated graphics, music and sound effects.

And once you get more experienced there is a built-in programming language that gives you full flexibility. What is best, Game Maker can be used free of charge. And you can use the games you produced in any way you like. You can even sell them!

Game Maker comes with a collection of freeware images and sounds to get you started. Also there are a number of example games.


· 15 MB disk space.
· at least 65000 colors (high color, 16-bit).
· at least 800x600 screen resolution.
· a 3D graphics card compatible with DirectX 8 or higher and with at least 32 MB of video memory is required.
· a DirectX 8 compatible sound card is required. Make sure all graphics and sound card drivers are up to date.
· DirectX 8 or higher is required (not included).

What's New :

- Cut/Copy of a fully transparent image now keeps it transparent rather than making it black.
- Changed the icon for the eraser in the image editor to something more meaningful.
- The color picker now also changes the transparency value.
- When drawing a filled rectangle (or disk, …) without a boundary, the left color is now used.
- When filling you can now indicate whether only the color value should match or also the transparency. Filling transparent areas now works as expected.
- The file selector now works correctly when typing in a file name.
- The sprite file selector can now open multiple files at once.
- When adding sprites in the sprite editor they are now added at the end.
- The Crop transform now uses Ctrl+Alt+O as shortcut.
- Creating too large images or sprites now gives a proper error message.
- Added multiple undo and redo in the sprite editor.
- Sharpen is now disabled in the image editor when there is no image.
- Antialiased shapes now work fine with color mode set to Replace.
- Added keyboard shortcuts for zooming actions and for all drawing actions
- You can now Delete a selection or Cut it to the clipboard
- It is possible to extend a selection with the key and remove parts with the key.
- Right mouse now copies a selection.
- Selection indication is now in a more common way (no longer dark and light).
- There are now magic wand and paint selection tools.
- Some errors in selection were solved.
- Text is now indicated with a box rather than with dark-light.
- Zoom in now only allows multiples of 100%.
- Removed a visual glitch at the boundary of images when zooming out.
- No warning is given when moving to the next subimage of a sprite when a change was made.
- You can now set the transparency of the whole image
- Added a preview image to the image editor
- Selecting a color while painting now no longer changes the interface
- Changed the keyboard shortcuts for the zoom functions to the more common ones.
- Added inside glow effect.
- Used term Opacity rather than transparency.
- You can now set the alpha (opacity) values from an image (using the intensity).
- Added the possibility for pasting from a file.
- The color mode is now used when moving selections or pasting images.
- With shift key you can now make hor/vert lines for the paint, eraser, and pencil tools
- For Crop you can now again specify the size of the border
- Added a Change Color drawing tool.
- You can now change the size and color of the grid and whether to snap to it.

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